Handling the personal details concerning this website is subject to the Belgian law: the law of 8 December 1992 modified for protection of the personal life environment, by the law of 11 December 1998, to conversion of the directive 95/46/EG of 24 October 1995 of the European Parliament and the Council concerning the protection of natural persons, the processing of personal data and the free circulation of those data.

This privacy contract applies to all pages of and to the registration of this site. However it doesn’t apply to the pages of websites of third parties to which we would refer.

Information on personal identification

We store following information on your visit to our website during a certain time:

This information is used to improve our website, to obtain statistics and to have a first proof in case of illegitimate practices. The analysis of these data happens on an aggregated and anonymous basis. After a period of 2 months the collected data are deleted. Only the general reports concerning the number of visitors etc. will remain.

Protection of received data

Sioen Industries has taken security measures which guarantee the protection of loss, abuse of or alteration to information received on our website. We do everything we can to guarantee the protection of your personal details.

However, on the Internet 100% security on the protection of data does not exist. For this reason we protect your data with all possible resources, but are impossible to give a 100% guarantee on the security of the information provided to us.

Use of information

The information won’t be transferred to other organizations or associations. We have thus no specific relations or cooperation with advertising agencies on the Internet.
Technology evolves. Our company could implement certain processes which are not enumerated yet in this declaration. In this case we will contact you before using your data, so that you are informed of changes and have the possibility to refuse their use.

Access, modification or removing of personal details

In accordance with the law, you have the right to access your personal details and to correct them. On request, you have thus the possibility to know your details and correct them. If you would like to use this right, please contact us on

If you believe that our website doesn’t respect this privacy declaration enough, you can contact our company on the e-mail address mentioned above.