Yodpiman River Walk

Bangkok - Thailand
Sang Thong Co., Ltd
180 m²

We cover the Yodpiman River walk restaurant in Bangkok. This is a very nice restaurant to stop on hot or wet weather (frequent in Bangkok) to try their recommended stir fried vegetables or grilled beef while contemplating Bangkok from the Chao Praya riverside.

The four point sail was nicely executed with thin supports to limit the floor occupation while maximising the customer's space and comfort. The membrane used is the T2108, today known under the Fluomax code T2117F.

This river bend has ever since been the crossroad of all nautical navigation. It was the first gateway of vessels of all nations traveling to Siam to trade and increase diplomatic ties. The crowded and prosperous river bend community was turned into the center of trade in ancient times.

Today, this very gorgeous river bend is one of the landmarks of Thailand with unimaginable charm that invites people form each and every corner of the world.

The fabricator, Santhong, has many experience in tensiled structures. The Yodipman River Walk is just one. According to Santhong, tensile architecture is "created from creative imagination of our architect and high-level engineering calculation combined with property of canvas that has been developed in every way to withstand all climate conditions." The design of tension membrane is suitable for different areas in hotel, resort, sport arena, soccer field, swimming pool, playground and house."


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