Valenzuela's playground

Valenzuela City - Philippines
Rize Innovations Inc.
80 m²

Two small membrane sails covering the childrens' playground of Valenzuela, a city in the Philipines. The structure is providing shadow for the playground and the children.

Valenzuela or Valenzuela City, is one of the cities that comprise the National Capital Region of the Philippines. It is the 119th largest city in the country located at about 14 kilometres north of the capital city of Manila. A former agricultural rural area, Valenzuela has grown into a major economic and industrial center of the Philippines when a large number of industries relocated to the central parts of the city.

The Valenzuela playground is partially covered with a shading structure made with Sioen membranes, manufactured by Rize Innovations. Rize innovations, is one of the Philippines’ largest sign manufacturers tensile architecture manufacturers in the Philippines. Tensile fabric structures can be included in interior or exterior design to create structures with exceptional function and aesthetic appeal. Both Sioen and Rize innovations are committed to providing high quality, impressive products of excellent value.

The Sioen membrane that has been selected for this particular project is the type II membrane of our Easyfluo range. This range consists of the architectural membranes with the best cost performance ratio. From the smallest structure up the design of your dreams. A material which leans itself to easy handling, and of which its transformations are characterized by their durability, lightweight and translucency and this for more than a decade. Easyfluo is the most cost efficient material.

The T2117E Easyfluo Type 2 is a 900g/m² low-wick fabric. Anti-bacteria treated, UV resistant and flame retardant PVC coating. Front side topcoat: directly weldable PVDF, backside topcoat: high quality acrylic. A compact membrane for tensile structure.

Another reference in Valenzuela city is the amphitheater of the Valenzuela People's park. For this bigger structure, a membrane from the Sioen Fluomax range was used.


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