Sinnar bus terminal

Sinnar - India
750 m²

In Sinnar, a city and a municipal council India, Sioen type II membrane can be found in bus stop shadings at the Sinnar bus terminal.

Sinnar is one of the major industrial zones of Malegaon, India, built around the city of Nashik, locating multiple international production companies. Sinnar has a population of approximately 70.000 people. The Sinnar bus terminal is the central bus station that connects the city by bus lines to other major Indian cities and places such as Shirdi, Ahmedabad, Ankleshwar, Navsari, Baroda, Valsad, Mhow, Dhamnod, Indore, Bharuch, Surat, Sendhwa, Julwania, Khalghat and Pithampur.

The Sinnar bus terminal is made as a collection of low point umbrellas. This construction has been made with our type 2 membrane T2117E, formerly known as the T2107. The overall structure is both functional and iconic: it creates a shadowing area for the bus station together with a high surrounding visibility to spot directly the building entrance and bus stops.

The Sioen type II membrane of our Easyfluo range has the best cost performance ratio. It is a material that is easy to handle, characterized by durability, lightweight and translucency and this for more than a decade. Easyfluo is the most cost efficient material.

The membrane used, the Sioen Easyfluo Type 2, T2117E, is a 900 g/m² low-wick, anti-bacteria treated, UV resistant and flame retardant PVC coated technical polyester fabric. The front side is topcoat with a directly weldable PVDF. This is a fluopolymer that enhances durability and weathering behaviour. Sioen has been using Fluoropolymers in a multitude of high performance coating applications for a long time. We are using PolyVinyliDeneFluoride (PVDF) especially in architectural applications, where both excellent appearance and substrate protection must be maintained over
a long period of time. The backside topcoat consists of a high quality acrylic.

In our glossary of terms on our website, Sioen gives guidance and a glossery of terms, including the treatent of the fabrics, the types of membranes, lacquering, embossing, and many more.

In India, our channel partner for distributing the Sioen coated technical textiles is Lucky International. Lucky International is a part of diversified business group dealing in technical textiles for various applications such as tensile membrane structures, tents, truck side curtains, canopies, high speed doors and many more applications. .


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