Sentido Zeynep Resort, restaurant roofs

Belek - Turkey
Erkan Dalgiç
Medo Tente
500 m²

In Antalya, Turkey, in the Sentido Zeynep Resport, a Sioen type 3 Fluomax membrane covers the restaurant areas of 2 restaurants near the pool. This peaceful hotel is surrounded by a forest of fragrant Mediterranean pines and yet is right on the beach.

A conic shape structure covers the restaurant rooftop. Another structure is a retractable roof system of the second restaurant. Both membrane structures are in vicinity of the pool area in the Sentido Zeynep Resort.

Medo Tente, chose the Sioen type II Fluomax membrane for these hotel projects. Medo Tente is a Turkish manufacturer (based in Antalya) of tents, awnings, shadings and tensioned(suspended) structures. Medo Tente is an innovative company, offering creative solutions in hotel sun shading amongst others.

For this particular project, the Sioen T3107 membrane was selected. In the current Sioen collection, this product is now referenced under the T3117F code. This is a Fluomax Type 3 membrane of 1150g/m². A low-wick, anti-bacteria treated, UV resistant and flame retardant PVC coated fabric with a directly weldable PVDF topcoat on both sides.

The Sioen Fluomax range consists of state of the art seamless double-side knife-coated quality fabrics and offers many advantages: clear white visual effect; anti-capillary low wicking treatment; flat, stable mechanical properties; perfect weldability; cleaning ability greatly enhanced; perfect UV resistance; protection against moisture; resistant to temperature variation; high abrasion resistance; largest choice of widths on the market.

As you can see in this hotel movie, the sunshadings and restaurant roof covers play an important role in the resort setup. Visually attractive and functional.


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