The Nature Theatre Bad Elster, retractable roof

Bad Elster - Germany
Alfred Rein Ingenieure GmbH
ITF Fabrics GmbH & Flontex, Poland
1 600 m²

The Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH is an event association in Germany that organises cultural and musical events. The association’s goals centre on positioning Bad Elster – a historical town at the heart of Europe – as an outstanding venue for cultural events and festivals with international standing.

The Nature Theatre Bad Elster is the oldest forest theatre in Saxony, Germany. The restauration began in the summer of 2006. Next to the complete restoration of the seating area, with room for 1100 visitors including a balcony, a fitting stage house was installed with a box office, cloak rooms, a backstage area and an orchestra pit. In 2018, the restoration was finalised with a retractable roof.

The current construction project now includes the roofing of the spectator area with a retractable membrane roof. The movable roof is seasonally used from May to September and in bad weather. The roof can be folded in a parking position due to the compactly foldable membrane. The retractable roof is an extension to the existing membrane covering.

In the clamped, tensioned state, the roof is calculated to bear limited wind loads. In folded parking position, the structure can bear both wind and snow loads.

We tailor the membranes to the desires of our customers. Together with the client, the architect, engineers, constructor and manufacturer, we always find the best solution for the project.

Installation of this prestigious project was done by ITF Fabrics, Germany, a strong team of textile passionates. The technical possibilities of both Sioen membrane and manufacturing excellence, allows to realise unprecedented projects. As the company states on its website: Light, large span, weightless and overwhelming architecture with light-flooded elegance. Flotex, a company in Poland confectioned the membrane into the right shapes.

Engineers of The Nature Theatre Bad Elster are Alfred Rein Ingenieure GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany. The company designs, develops and plans all kinds of special and lightweight structures. They specialize in convertible and fixed roof- and façade constructions.

For the retractable roof, the manufacturer, designer, architect, engineer and our tensile architecture specialists chose the T2117F membrane of the Fluomax range. Our company has more than 110 years of accumulated textile experience, with a dedicated range for tensioned architectural membranes. The Sioen Fluomax membranes are the standard in textile architecture. The reference material expressing the architects signature to its best. Its superb PVDF topcoat ensures you the brilliance and luster expected from each creative structure. Its flexibility and lightness inspires you to go beyond the boundaries of your imagination and stills the hunger of your creativity. It’s not just a material but it is the standard.


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