Manavgat Beldiyesi Irmak Kenarı

Manavgat - Turkey
Erkan Dalgiç
Medo Tente
300 m²

Flat triangle membrane pieces are formed to a nice architectural fabric structure on public area in Manavgat.

In Manavgat, a town in Turkey, the municipality initiated road and city planning works, combining the Manavgat river with the sea. This will bring significant change, modernising the city center. Connection of the town and the beaches is now easier due to the new road of 10 meters wide and 4.5 kilometers long. Hinking and cycling routes are also made available. Manavgat is a town and district of the Antalya Province in Turkey, 72 km from the city of Antalya. The Manavgat River has a waterfall near the town.

With the slogan "Expand Your Living Spaces", Medo Tente closely follows the latest technology in Europe and the world. The Turkish (in Antalya) manufacturer is producing tents, awnings, shadings and tensioned(suspended) structures with the most advanced machinery and computer programs in Europe and the world. Just as Sioen, Medo Tente is an innovative company, offering creative solutions in hotel sun shading amongst others.

For this particular project, the Sioen T2107 membrane was selected. In the current Sioen collection, this product is now referenced under the T2117e code.

The Sioen Easyfluo range consists of state of the art seamless double-side knife-coated quality fabrics and offers many advantages: 900g/m². Low-wick fabric. Anti-bacteria treated, UV resistant and flame retardant PVC coating. Front side topcoat: directly weldable PVDF, backside topcoat: high quality acrylic. Compact membrane for tensile structure.


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