Marina Beach club, stage

Valencia - Spain
Ignacio Sanchez Gonzales
Gustavo Ramirez Lares
250 m²

In one of Valencia’s (Spain) famous night clubs, the Sioen Fluomax membrane T2118F is taking central stage. And you can take this literary. The permanent stage cover of the Marina Beach Club is thé eye catcher of the club.

At the club, all summer you can enjoy the best evenings with the best music. The peculiar built dome-like structure is home to the club. A space with stage for live music, concerts and International DJ´s. The best way to finish your day in Valencia.

This famous club is part of the Marina Beach club complex. Designed by Valencian architects this leisure complex is an invitation to locals and tourists while enjoying breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea. The Marina Beach Club in Valencia is a unique piece of art with different spaces for your complete sea experience, and wide variety of enjoyment.

The special construction was designed by Ignacio Sanches Gonzales and engineered by Gustavo Ramiro Lares, director at Carpartec. This Spanish company specialises in the design, calculation, manufacturing and installation of all type of membrane structures and tents.

Their team of engineers, architects, installers and manufacturers are highly qualified and trained in each of the target specialties in mobile structures and architectural textiles. In close collaboration with Sioen membrane specialists, they chose the Sioen T2118F membrane for this Marina Beach Club project. This membrane of the Sioen Fluomax range is a directly weldable PVC coated polyester membrane that is treated on both sides with a PVDF surface treatment. The membrane is low wick, flame retardant, anti-bacteria and UV treated and is very weather resistant. The membrane is an ideal projection screen for lights and even moving images, giving the club its particular clubby atmosphere.

The Marina Beach Club is one of the biggest outdoor night clubs in the area of Levante. It federates tourists and locals during the day and night clubbers around various staged events. The structure partly covering the stage is highly recognizable in the surrounding and can display reactive lighting effects. The membrane is resistant to the abuses of repeated occupancy and weather.

This permanent stage cover is located close to Malvarosa beach in Valencia. You can follow the club on facebook.


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