Leicon’s SwimLanes®

Ypres - Belgium

Leicon chose Sioline’s B7124, our popular pool cover material, to manufacture its SwimLane®. Those above-ground swimming pools are a more budget-friendly alternative to built-in swimming pools and offer a more comfortable swimming space than the regular above-ground swimming pools you can easily find on the internet.

Crisis at the beginning of an innovative idea

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Leicon, a manufacturer of indoor playgrounds, received less orders than normal and they had time to brainstorm. At the same time, they missed swimming, as public swimming pools had been closed due to the COVID-19 measures. There were, of course, other options, such as built-in swimming pools and the existing above-ground swimming pools that can easily be found online. Those, however, are either really expensive or don’t provide enough space to swim laps.

The SwimLane®

Leicon managed to design and manufacture the SwimLane® in only four weeks time. The SwimLane® is a solid above-ground swimming pool that was especially designed for everyone who likes to swim a couple of laps, whether you’re a professional swimmer or rather recreational. The pool is affordable and can be personalised. The length of the SwimLane® starts at 5m and can be expanded with optional parts per 2.5 m and has modular building possibilities.

Sioline’s B7124

As Leicon was already purchasing Sioline’s coated technical textiles for its core business, indoor playgrounds, they contacted Sioline to find the right material to manufacture the SwimLane®. The B7124 , a popular pool cover material was chosen. The material was specifically developed for this type of application, meaning that it is more pigmented and more UV-stabilised. The large number of orders throughout the years has proven our customers’ satisfaction.

When opting for the B7124, the weight of the fabric, which is 580 g/m2, was key for the decision. In addition, the material is waterproof and weatherproof. It can thus stay outside, even in winter.

The material is available in different colours. The most popular colours are blue on the outside and beige on the inside. Thanks to the vertical integration of our value chain, we can closely monitor the raw materials we use. The yarns and colouring solutions are made in our own plants and we own our own weaving mills and coating lines.


Leicon, in full Leisure Consulting Company, designs, produces and installs indoor playgrounds in Europe. Leicon was founded in 1994 and started as a supplier of outdoor play equipment for the local authorities and private investors. Since 1999, Leicon is specialised in indoor playgrounds. The production of trampoline parks started in 2018. 25 years later, Leicon employs nearly twenty people in the Ieper factory and thirty installers worldwide.


Sioline manufactures coated technical textiles in mainly Polyester/PVC combinations with a wide variety of varnishes (acrylic, TiO2,...) and embossings (mat, glossy, rice grain, 3D cube, leather look,...). The products are perfectly suited for side curtains, tilts and tarpaulins for trucks, railway wagons and containers, sports mats, swimming pool covers, tents, publicity banners, biogas installations, flexitanks and many more.


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