Lamina Films Entrance Canopy

Bangkok - Thailand
Sang Thong Co.,Ltd
70 m²

The Sioen T2108, now known under the name T2117F, is omni present in Bangkok, Thailand. One of the many examples of Sioen tensile architecture membrane is found in this elegant membrane entrance canopy with long cantilevers at the Lamina Films building.

The Thai Sang Thong Canvas group specialises in the production of awning, canvas, tent, and canvas related product for sun and rain protection. The company has been in business for 50 years and is the leader in production and installation of tension membrane, retractable canvas roof (skylight, pergola), awnings, canopy, warehouse tent, car park roof and many more.

Due to the structure with Sioen Fluomax membrane, the Lamina Films head office really stands out.

The sunshade canopy nicely completes the design of the building with pure lines and elegant colour contrasts with the dark facade. This showcases that the Sioen Fluomax range is also very suited for residential applications.


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