Japanese pavilion - Milano's Expo 2015

Milan - Italy
Atsushi Kitagawara Architects
Maffeis Engineering S.p.A, Solagna, Italy
Taiyo Europe GmbH

The Japanese pavilion was one of the biggest and most impressive pavilions in 2015 at Milano’s World Expo. The World Expo is the platform that countries use widely and strongly to improve their national images through their pavilions. In a world where a strong national image is a key asset, pavilions are seen as the best advertising campaigns, and the Expo a vehicle for 'nation branding'. Apart from cultural and symbolic reasons, organizing countries (and the cities and regions hosting them) also utilize the world exposition to brand themselves.

The world expo is an important event where countries receive in a very short period an international visibility with flagship structures and national « savoir faire ». Sioen provided the PVC/PES membrane covering the entrance handrail and the main part of the Japanese pavillion. When the visitors accessed the pavilion, they were entering a kind of labyrinth before reaching the main part of the exposition which provided a nice translucent atmosphere.

Fabricator Taiyo Europe produced and installed the technical textile of Sioen. They delivered and installed the canopy covering the central court and the membrane covering the entrance handrail. Details of the building show how brilliant this pavillion is.

Architects of the pavilion, Atsushi Kitagawara Architects, emphasized to the overall theme of ‘feeding the planet, energy for life’. The Japanese pavilion fused tradition and technology. The architects have “We hope architecture and urban cities produce dreams and wishes” in their baseline.

The Japanese pavilion was central stage for food culture as an example of a healthy, sustainable and balanced diet. Engineering agency was Maffeis Engineering S.p.A, Solagna, Italy.

In the media, lots of articles were written about the Japanese pavilion. Example: Designboom.


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