Inflatable Airplane Hangar, Buildair

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Buildair, Spain
Buildair, Spain
58 000 m²

In Saudi Arabia, Sioen membrane Easyfluo E0117 is used in an inflatable hangar for airplanes. This huge hangar measures 90 by 95,11 metres providing a 8.560 m² surface with an interior volume capacity of 121.046 m³. This hangar is designed to store the Airbus A330-300.

The manufacturer Buildair chose the Sioen Easyfluo range for this project. This is the architectural membrane with the best cost performance ratio. Easy to handle, durable and lightweight. Easyfluo the most cost efficient material.

Buildair is a Spanish producer of large inflatable structures and hangars and one of the worlds’ leading experts in textile architecture. Their core competences are: portable hangars, rapid deployable shelters, pavilions, pneumatic bridges, and inflatables for corporate events. The company integrates design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance — watch the Buildair corporate movie for more.

The fabric for the hangar in Saudi Arabia is built in a very short time, using low-pressure inflatable technology. As a fully integrated coater, Sioen has designed and fine-tuned its equipment to produce high-quality architectural membranes with the utmost care. The success of the technology is based on complete integration of the individual critical process steps, such as: spinning the yarn, weaving, the raw fabric treatment, the chemicals and the formulation of the coating layer.

Know-how is one of Sioen’s great strengths. With more than 110 years of textile tradition, we have more accumulated know-how of textile coating technology and coated textile applications than any other company in the world. No other single company masters six different textile coating techniques. No other company has as much experience and knowledge of standards and rules. This know-how is gained through systematically searching for solutions to practical problems in close cooperation with our customers. It is protected by strong employee loyalty and motivation.


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