Santorini Hua Hin swimming pool cone

Huahin - Thailand
Sang Thong Co.,Ltd
50 m²

In the Greek inspired hotel Santorini Park in Thailand, the pool area features a Sioen membrane. The B8000 technical textile of Sioen is 630 g/m² shiny coated technical textile, from stock available in wide variety of standard colours. This technical textile is typically a general membrane for truck and trailer tarpaulins but can also be used for small structures.

Santorini Park brings a slice of the picture of a perfect Greek island to Thailand. It’s got all the details right, from classic whitewashed buildings, colourfully painted windows, down to stone-paved paths and domed towers. We supplied here a red and white membrane for a cone structure located in the swiming pool area. The colours are matching perfectly the surrounding vivid colours.

The manufacturer of this pool project is Sang Thong Canvas Awning, specialing in the production of awning, canvas, tent, and canvas related products for sun and rain protection. The company has been in business for 50 years and is the leader in production and installation of tension membrane, retractable canvas roof (skylight, pergola), folding arms awning, drop arms awning, vertical awning, European canopy, warehouse tent and car park roof applications in Thailand.

The pool structure at the Santorini Park is situated in the Huahin district, in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula in Thailand, about 200 km southwest of Bangkok. . Hua Hin itself is a beach resort town.


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