Grandstand Estadio Universitario de Burgos

Burgos - Spain
Eng. Gustavo Ramires Lares
1 300 m²

Sioen recently completed a Tensile Architectural structure for the University of Burgos, Spain, made with our T2117F architectural membrane fabric.

This fabric is used for the roofing of the grandstand at their sporting venue with a grand total of 1 300 m². The grandstand is the main section of the stadium, but differs from a stadium in that it does not wrap all or most of the way around. The grandstand is a lightweight structure protecting spectators from weather conditions under natural lighting conditions while still offering a full view of the sporting grounds.

The Sioen Fluomax Type II membrane fabric T2117F is the ideal fabric for this type of application. The fabric was offered by Visa Ventes Internationales our distributor in Spain and fabricated by Carpatec for Ayto Burgos, the city hall of Burgos and the University of Burgos.

The membrane is attached to the steel bow structure via linear aluminum clamping. The back and front edges of the membrane contain cable pockets which hold the galvanized steel tensioning cables. Horizontal tensioning of the membrane is achieved by corner plates on both sides of the structure. The architect, Eng. Gustavo Ramires Lares, is a renowned Spanish architect and lecturer at international symposiums and conventions.

Our Fluomax range of membrane fabrics is the preferred fabric used in textile architecture. With this material architects have complete creative freedom to create unique structures. The base fabric is made of a Siofil PES high tenacity yarn, is extra strong, stabilised, anti-capillary lowwick treated and flattened. The impregnation and coating is highly pigmented with UV stabilizers, anti-mold , fire-retardant and flexing additives. The PVDF top coat lacquering layer grants a great cleanability, excellent UV resistance while still remaining perfectly weldable without the need for grinding.

The University of Burgos (UBU in Spanish) is a public university with +10 000 students in +30 different degrees, +20 PhD Programmes and several Official Masters and other graduate courses.


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