Go Zone Baskeball Court

Santa Rosa - Philippines
Rize Innovations, Inc.
1 000 m²

In Santa Rosa in the Philippines, a type 1 membrane of the Sioen Fluomax range was used to cover the Go Zone Baskeball Court. Santa Rosa is situated in the province of Laguna, Philippines. With a fast growing population of nearly 400.000, it is the second largest local government unit in Laguna.

Santa Rosa was initially known for the Coca-Cola and Toyota manufacturing plants in its industrial estates. Recently, it has also become popular for being the site of Enchanted Kingdom, a local theme park; as well as several housing developments. Sioen membranes are featured in many places in Santa Rosa, amongst others covering the Brent gymnasium.

The Go Zone Baskeball Court is an outdoor area that is protected by sun shading structures, to keep the outdoor feeling. The installation of a steel arch to cover the basket ball surface is basically elegant. The shape gives a graceful and elegant impression and is sometimes refered to as a saddle or a bow shapedroof. Manufacturer of the membrane is Rize innovations, a local specialist in tensile architecture structures and sun shading in the Philippines.

The choice for the Sioen Fluomax type 1 is an obvious one for these kind of smaller tensioned projects.The lightweight 725g/m² low-wick, anti-bacteria treated, UV resistant and flame retardant PVC coated polyester fabric is treated on both sides with a directly weldable PVDF topcoat. The Fluomax range of SIoen holds the performance membranes for tensile architecture.


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