Filinvest office entrance

Alabang, Muntinlupa - Philippines
Rize Innovations Inc.
T1117F and T2117F
4 000 m²

3 beautiful cones that serve as an iconic front entrance of business offices of Filinvest in Philippines. The Filinvest roof is also made with our membranes.

Filinvest Development Corporation(FDC) is a property developer and one of the Philippines’ leading conglomerates, with interests in real estate, banking and financial services, hotel and resort management, power generation, and the sugar industry. Filinvest is active in a diverse range of real estate developments: residential subdivisions, shopping centers, central business districts, mid-rise and high-rise offices and condominiums, recreational farms, industrial estates, leisure clubs and information technology zones. – covering more than 2,500 hectares of land.

The Filinvest headquarters in Alabang are equipped with iconic structures made with Sioen membranes by Rize Innovations. Rize innovations , is one of the Philippines’ largest sign manufacturers tensile architecture manufacturers in the Philippines. Tensile fabric structures can be included in interior or exterior design to create structures with exceptional function and aesthetic appeal. Both Sioen and Rize inovations are committed to providing high quality, impressive products of excellent value.

The Sioen membranes that have been selected for this particular project are the type I and type II membranes of our Fluomax range. This range is a state of the art seamless double-side knife-coated quality and offers many advantages: clear white visual effect; anti-capillary low wicking treatment; flat, stable mechanical properties; perfect weldability; cleaning ability greatly enhanced; perfect UV resistance; protection against moisture; resistant to temperature variation; high abrasion resistance; largest choice of widths on the market.

Tensioned membranes are a great alternative to traditional construction. In emerging areas they offer quick and aesthetically attractive solutions for shading amongst others. The City of Alabang in the Philippines used to be a farming district, and has since grown from a village to a commercial center, including the Alabang Commercial Center and Filinvest City. The city has undergone tremendous growth mainly due to a development boom in the late 1990s. Filinvest changed the landscape of the Alabang from agricultural area into a district that houses new residential, business, industrial and commercial establishments.


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