5880 Enriquez

Makati - Philippines
Mia Guerroro
Rize Innovations Inc.
600 m²

The 5880 Enriquez apartments, Poblacion Makati by architect Mia Guerroro are nothing less but spectacular. 5880 Enriquez apartments are a 5-minute walk from the mall and 500 m from the old city center in Manila.

A printed mesh façade was used for the facade of high standing personal appartments. The Sioen W909012H5 of the Sioen Façade range was chosen, a 1 000 g/m² printable heavy duty mesh, for solar scrims and façades.

The Sioen technical textiles for façade offer almost limitless design possibilities. The façade scrims can be printed with any design, pattern or colour. Due to their low footprint impact, their durability and their low maintenance requirements, tensile façades are efficient and sustainable investments. Both for renovation and new constructions.

The 5880 Enriquez apartments are situated in Makati, one of the sixteen cities that make up Metro Manila in the Philippines. Makati is the financial center of the Philippines and it has the highest concentration of multinational and local corporations in the country. Makati is ranked in the top 50 of most densely populated city in the world with almost 20. 000 inhabitants per square kilometer. 5880 Enriquez apartments is a five-storey apartment building with units for rent in ready-to-move-in condition in the trendy heart of Makati.

The façade was printed and installed by Rize innovations, the Philippines’ largest sign manufacturers and manufacturer of tensile architecture. Rize innovations is committed to providing high quality, impressive products of excellent value.

The smart use of the Sioen printed façade mesh gives the building an impressive look. The building is referenced in many architectural magazines and on the web.


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