Chateau de la Barbiniere

Saint Laurent-sur-Sevre - France
ACS Production
ACS Production
400 m²

Chateaus and France, they are inextricably connected. One would translate the French word "Chateau" as "castle", but it has a much wider meaning than the English word. "Chateaux" include architectural entities that are properly called palaces, mansions or vineyards in English.

One of the examples is the "Chateau de la Barbiniere" hotel and golf resort near the Vendée. Located just 10 minutes from the Puy du Fou, the Château de la Barbinière combines design and refinement with luxury and modernity in an exceptional setting. A magnificent park of 13 hectares, an extraordinary architecture, two gourmet restaurants, swimming pool and conference facilities, the hotel is the place to be when visiting the French Vendée.

The rich history behind the "Château de la Barbinière" dates back to 17th century. The estate was built as a royal residence and was later on rebuilt to be the residence mansion of General Albert Charles François d’Aviau de Piolant. The general added a gamekeeper's cottage and a large orangery to the already impressive main building.

Today, the estate serves as a 4 star hotel, with grandeur and luxury and part of the world famous label "Relais de Silence", guaranteeing the most tranquil and serene hotels in the world. The current hotel owners were seeking to add a touch of innovation and freshness to the old chateau building.

Our customer ACS Production provided them with that and even more. With our printed façade mesh, ACS Production added a playful touch to the ancient building, without compromising the original architecture. On the contrary, the original print on the mesh and the architectural design adds to the grandeur of the Chateau.

ACS Production is a company in the French département Loire-Atlantique and part of the BHD group, a leading industrial group in the processing of technical textiles ACS Production specializes in all areas of textile architecture: sports buildings, stadium stands, swimming pools, playground canopies, shelters, awnings, covered passages, stretched ceilings and facade cladding.

Their choice for the Sioen T2302FE is based on the excellent characteristics of the façade mesh or scrim (open structure fabric). With a weight of 700 grams/ m², it is very easy to handle both in production and in installation. The textile can endure any weather condition and is very durable. It offers both and aesthetic solution as a visual shelter to direct sunlight. Both our coating and lacquering process are unique in the world and result in a homogeneous deep distribution of the coating layer on the fabric, which offers a great visual and technical result.

The façade mesh T2302FE of the "Château de la Barbinière" was printed by the Dutch company Printable.


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