Camp Praize

Norzagaray, Bulacan - Philippines
Rize Innovations
Rize Innovations Inc.
9 000m²

We delivered the membranes covering the entire JIL Praise Valley Camp Site amphitheater in at Norzagaray, Bulacan (Manila) in the Philippines. Two big steel trusses span the whole distance. Bringing together two different fabrics attached with a special secondary clamping system, the technique allowed to design a robust system for the protection of the participants during any weather conditions.

The JIL Praise Valley Camp Site at Norzagaray, Bulacan amphitheater is located at the heart of University Belt. The camp site which was only two hectares last 2004 has already expanded to 19 hectares. In 2012 a large amphitheater with 6 000 seating capacity, and three medium-rise condominium buildings wherein the campers are accommodated, were build.

The JIL Praise Valley Camp Site amphitheater was covered with a structure made with Sioen membranes by Rize Innovations. Rize innovations, is one of the Philippines’ largest sign manufacturers tensile architecture manufacturers in the Philippines. Tensile fabric structures can be included in interior or exterior design to create structures with exceptional function and aesthetic appeal. Both Sioen and Rize inovations are committed to providing high quality, impressive products of excellent value.

The Sioen membranes were carefully selected for this particular project. Both type II and type III membranes Fluomax range were used. This range is a state of the art seamless double-side knife-coated quality and offers many advantages: clear white visual effect; anti-capillary low wicking treatment; flat, stable mechanical properties; perfect weldability; cleaning ability greatly enhanced; perfect UV resistance; protection against moisture; resistant to temperature variation; high abrasion resistance; largest choice of widths on the market. The Sioen T3117F is a Fluomax Type 3 - 1150g/m² low-wick fabric. Anti-bacteria treated, UV resistant and flame retardant PVC coating; Both side directly weldable PVDF topcoat. Performance membrane for tensile architecture. This was used in combination with a lighter T2117F, Fluomax Type 2 - 900g/m².

Sioen tensile architecture membranes are low wick, anti-bacteria treated and flame retardant — which is not a given on the market! — and are built from high tenacity technical yarns. We have decided upon this, in order to give you the best quality product for your tensile architecture project.

Our unique state-of-the-art machinery allows to coat back and front side of the fabrics in one run, avoiding stops in between the various layering and lacquering processes. Thus, the product is not exposed to unfavorable thermal or mechanical shocks. This results in unbeatable quality of our products. The Sioen coating process provides an extraordinary product stability, flat stretched fabric with better overall distensile properties and short lead times.


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