Bowling Park in Aukland

Aukland - New Zealand
Shade Systems New Zealand
T2117F and W50501275
1 450 m²

When in New Zealand, visit the Bowling Park in Aukland and admire the Sioen Fluomax type II membrane there.

The Bowling Park in Aukland of the New Lynn Bowls club are a great example of how to cover a playground. Protected also through a white mesh on the sides, the bowlers have a an ideal indoor space for their sport, still having an oudoor feeling.

In New Zealand, Indoor Bowls (NZIB) is a form of bowls that is a highly competitive strategic sport. It is a sport fairly unique to New Zealand. Because the game has developed solely in New Zealand various rules have developed over time that make NZIB unique to New Zealand. Bowling, both indoor and outdoor, is practiced on a "green", the bowling field. At the Bowling Park in Aukland of the New Lynn Bowls club, the covered green is now open! New Lynn Bowling Club Members can practice on the green free of charge; and non-members for a small fee of $5.00 per person.

The local specialist in sun shading and tensile architecture, Shade Systems New Zealand, allows its customers to better utilise their outside spaces, come rain or shine. With over 60 years of industrial fabrics expertise in tensile membrane structures, the aim of the company is to protect the wellbeing of current and future generations with long lasting, great looking shade solutions. For this Bowling Park in Aukland_ of the New Lynn Bowls club, Shade Systems New Zealand, has designed a shade system providing plenty of headroom and minimal framework, allowing a sense of openness undercover.

For this project, we jointly chose the Sioen T2117F, formerly known as the T2108, a technical membrane from the Sioen Fluomax architectural textiles range. The Fluomax type 2 T2117F is 900g/m² performance membrane. It is a low-wick, anti-bacteria treated, UV resistant and flame retardant PVC coated polyester fabric. Both sides are treated with a directly weldable PVDF topcoat. This is a fluopolymer that enhances durability and weathering behaviour. Sioen has been using Fluoropolymers in a multitude of high performance coating applications for a long time. We are using PolyVinyliDeneFluoride (PVDF) especially in architectural applications, where both excellent appearance and substrate protection must be maintained over a long period of time.

For the sides of the Bowling Park in Aukland of the New Lynn Bowls club, a regular lightweight (230 g/m²) windbreaker Sioen scrim W50501275 has been used. This polyester woven scrim is PVC coated, UV stabilised and offers a 75 % wind reduction. This is an ideal product for windscreens and sunscreens amongst others.

On the website of the producer, Shade Systems New Zealand, you can read the whole story about the Bowling Park in Aukland of the New Lynn Bowls club: "Lynn Bowls Club got in contact with us hoping we could design and install a massive canopy which would cover their outdoor artificial green. The complete project involved removing the old grass green, laying new foundations, constructing the canopy then laying artificial turf underneath. The fabric used on the canopy has excellent light transmission and no glare. Another feature of the fabric is the acoustics and noise reduction underneath – it greatly absorbs the sound of rain and voices/echoes too. We also used architectural facade fabric on 10 wall panels on the north-west corner. This was to break driving rain and wind. Lights were added to the rafters so bowls could be played at night." Read more and watch the making of film.


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