Klärwerk Anlage Asten, AG Linz

Asten - Austria
Belutti AG
Belutti AG
5.100 m²

For Linz AG, one of the largest energy providers in Austria, Sioen supplied the membrane material for the two biogas installations in the Asten sewage treatment plant, near Linz. The stretched membrane with a surface of more than 2,000 m² per dome, prevents the odor nuisance for the surrounding residents and the condensation in the dome itself.

In the biogas installation, a mixture of different gases is produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. In the Linz plant in Asten, agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste and food waste are used to produce renewable energy. Asten is a municipality in the district Linz-Land in the Austrian state of Upper Austria.

Our customer, Belluti Innsbruck, favours Sioen materials. The company in Austria is part of the Bellutti Group, a major player in manifacturing solutions for many industries. In its plant in Innsbruck, there is a competence center for project planning and product development. The standard production includes: inflatables, big banners, façade designs, wrappings, advertising transparencies, car graphics, business labels, stickers, billboards, plottings, etc. The company has been a customer of Sioen for many years.

The Sioen range of technical textiles for biogas installations contains hydrolytic —manure, sewage sludge, municipal solid waste, biodegradable waste, acid or alkaline waste, etc— as well as grease resistant —grease feedstocks such as slaughter waste, soy bean scraps, etc— protection.

All our technical textiles for biogas installations are contact resistant. Our state-of-the art production process, with special fabrics, additives and polymers, ensures low gas permeability, so no gas escapes into the air.

The Sioen range consists of products for any biogas installation. Our technical textiles are available from Type 1 to 5. These are in fact strength classes, in different weight categories and with variations in specs obtained through careful engineering of both yarn, woven fabric, coating and lacquering polymers and the production process. All types are dull lacquered to ensure a weldable, dirt repellent and chemical resistant fabric.

The membrane B6199 is a type 2 dull, flame retardant (M2,B1) grease resistant technical textile of 1150 g/m² for biogas installations. Extra anti-bacteria treated and UV stabilised. Excellent gas permeability of < 400 cm³/m².bar.d.


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