Asawann Shopping Area

Nong Khai - Thailand
Sang Thong Co.,Ltd
500 m²

At the Assawan shopping complex, in Nong Khai, Thailand, the walkaway and carpark shades were made with the Sioen membrane material T2108 (now the T2117F). Different fourpoint strutures are combined at the entrance of the Asawann shopping mall.

Nong Khai is a city in north-east Thailand. It is the capital of Nong Khai Province, on the Mekong River, 626 km north of Bangkok. As province capital, the city has a huge shopping mall, called the Assawan shopping complex.

Famous manufacturer Sang Thong Canvas Awning is one of the affiliated companies within Sang Thong Canvas Group and is specialized in the production of awning, canvas, tent, and canvas related product for sun and rain protection. The company has been in business for over 50 years and is the leader in production and installation of tension membrane, retractable canvas roof (skylight, pergola), folding arms awning, drop arms awning, vertical awning, European canopy, warehouse tent, car park roof, and many more.

For the entrance of the shopping mall, the manufacturer chose Sioen membrane. Our company has more than 110 years of accumulated textile experience, with a dedicated range for tensioned architectural membranes. The Sioen Fluomax membranes are the standard in textile architecture. The reference material expressing the architects signature to its best. Its superb PVDF topcoat ensures you the brilliance and luster expected from each creative structure. Its flexibility and lightness inspires you to go beyond the boundaries of your imagination and stills the hunger of your creativity. It’s not just a material but it is the standard. Today, the product code T2108 is known as theT2117F.

Sang Thong displays the Assawan shopping complex as reference on their website.


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