Amara Hotel

Bangkok - Thailand
Sang Thong Co.,Ltd
70 m²

For the skyline bar roof of the famous hotel chain Amara, a membrane roof was made for the outside bar in front of the pool area.

The 4 star Amara Bangkok hotel is luxurious hotel that offers spectacular views of the Bangkok skyline. The hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok city centre, close to the financial business centre and the historical heart of the city. The hotel offers great leisure and conference facilities, an array of restaurants and world-class bars. The colourful Patpong Night Market is literally at its doorstep.

In the concept stage, the owners wanted the sky bar to be one of the most spectacular bars in the world. The Aka Aza bar now is indeed praised to be one of the most stunning Sky Bars Bangkok has to offer, Aka Aza Bar is the ideal place to unwind and chill. Soak up the nocturnal views of Bangkok city while enjoying the Amara signature cocktails.

The Sioen T2108 (now the T2117F) membrane, with its fantastic light transmission (7.4%) is the perfect membrane for this iconic rooftop bar to watch the sunset, gaze at Bangkok’s skyline, or jive to techno beats. This sky-high bar offers a trendy line-up of cocktails and tasty bar snacks.

Famous manufacturer Sang Thong Canvas Awning is one of the affiliated companies within Sang Thong Canvas Group and is specialized in the production of awning, canvas, tent, and canvas related product for sun and rain protection. The company has been in business for over 50 years and is the leader in production and installation of tension membrane, retractable canvas roof (skylight, pergola), folding arms awning, drop arms awning, vertical awning, European canopy, warehouse tent, car park roof, and many more.

Their choice for Sioen membranes is an evident one. Our company has more than 110 years of accumulated textile experience, with a dedicated range for tensioned architectural membranes. The T2117F PVDF coating top layer ensures the brilliance and the luster expected from these kinds of creative structures. The flexibility and lightness of the membrane allows architects to go beyond boundaries to create iconic structures.

Watch the film, where the astonishing lightning inside the famous skyline bar is shown


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