Research & Development

Innovation drives Sioen. Our corporate slogan is “protection through innovation”. This strong spirit of innovation lives in all companies of the Sioen group. Every company has its own specialists working at their plant, under the wings of the central R&D centre.

Sioen’s R&D centres and labs are fully equipped with the latest testing equipment. Testing for tear and breaking strength, flame retardancy, thermal radiation, chemical resistance, bullet and knife impact, water column, colour fastness, ageing and so on are all performed in-house. Sioen can stand comparison with the world’s top research institutes in this area.

Read more about R&D in this dedicated chapter that elaborates on the R&D approach at Sioen. How it works, how it’s organised, its equipment, engagements in European projects, the recent developments and future focus.


Text: At Sioen, quality is not confined to those departments which come into direct contact with the customer. At every level on every stage of production, we handle quality with top priority. With a quality control of incoming goods (raw materials) and with quality control upon shipment, throughout the whole value chain, we can guarantee top products to our customers.

Customer satisfaction

For Sioen, the customer and customer satisfaction take centre stage. This calls for an approach in which the quality of the finished products and services provided must meet the customer’s highest demands. We therefore do not confine ourselves to just checking the end product, but implement an efficient quality policy to ensure appropriate monitoring throughout the entire production and sales process.

We demand a constant level of quality from all our suppliers and employ the necessary specialists to carry out permanent monitoring on the shop floor and random sample checks. Here, we make use of the latest communication and IT applications.

On all levels

Quality means satisfying the customer‘s expectations in terms of products and delivered services. It is a key principle for all employees of the Sioen Industries group as they go about their work, whether in production, sales, accounting, customer service, R&D or purchasing. Every employee contributes to quality in their own field.

We focus on training all our staff in order to deliver the best quality product possible. Training in process management, risk assessment and optimisation is standard for all operators. We adhere the plan-do-check-act principle, a four-step management method for the control and continuous improvement of our processes and our products.

Translated in certificates

The words and intentions regarding quality are translated into a wide variety of certificates. Some of our production plants even were rewarded “factory of the future”, because of their
innovative efforts in terms of products, production and people management. We invest constantly to keep all our factories modern and up to date.

In addition, we want our production processes and our products to be sustainable. Therefore, we continuously invest in machines and in people and invest how we can give back to society and contribute to a better future for all.

These investments and efforts are described in our Corporate Social Responsibility manifest and translated in many initiatives on all levels (e.g. energy consumption, people management, water treatment, recycling, charity, …). We are member of many professional associations and partner up with many associations.