Online coating

At Veranneman Technical Textiles (in Belgium), we produce scrims (also called mesh) for various applications. The coating technique is called dipcoating (or online coating).

With online (or dip-) coating the open fabric is dipped in a coating bath once it comes off the loom. Applications are e.g.: geogrids, swimming pool covers, reinforcement nets, windbreak nets, façade and filters.

Open scrims or meshes are often the most effective and economic solution for flexible reinforcements. Due to the open construction and the chemical additives, the scrims allow to be fully incorporated in almost any material.

The range of Veranneman Technical Textiles includes:

  1. Standard products: durable UV resistant PVC-coated polyester scrims for, amongst other things swimming pool covers, windshields and construction.
  2. Heavy duty mesh: Heavy duty PVC-coated polyester scrims for, amongst others, cargo security, offshore and fencing.
  3. Fencing and façade: Our scrims are the ideal material for fencing and facades. A fence or a free standing structure designed to restrict or prevent movement, often used as barriers. The technical textiles we produce at our online coating plant can be used for pool fences, agricultural fences, in gardening and landscaping, as temporary safety and security nets or as permanent architectural element in construction creating one way vision and solar protection for instance. We produce a variety of standard products, available from stock. One of our main assets though is our tailor made production, especially engineered for your custom project.
  4. Sign: Durable UV resistant PVC-coated polyester scrims available in different colours and widths.
  5. Special applications: Durable UV resistant PVC-coated polyester scrims available in different colours and widths.
  6. Construction and waterproofing: We produce technical textiles for waterproofing and reinforcement of pool liners and PVC roofings. These open structure scrims stay relatively unaffected by water and strengthen the membrane. Waterproofing membranes can be used in single and multiple layers. We mainly produce PVC-coated open structure polyester scrims.
  7. Anti-mosquito: Anti-mosquito open structure polyester scrims.
  8. Construction and filtration: Our range includes technical woven open scrim fabrics for reinforcement of plaster, plastics and filter material.
  9. Laid scrims

What are laid scrims?

At Veranneman technical Textiles, we also produce laid scrims. A laid scrim looks like a grid where the yarns are laid rectangular and bonded by a chemical to hold the structure and stability of the scrim . We produce the scrims out of multifilament polyester or glass yarns mainly for the use as a reinforcement scrim in different applications.

The difference with a woven scrim is that a woven scrim has both a mechanical and chemical bonding where the laid scrim is a flat structure grid with only a chemical bonding. The fact that the upper and lower warp in laid scrims will always be on the same side of the weft yarns guarantees that the warp yarns will always be under tension. In this way tensile forces in the warp direction will be absorbed immediately. Thanks to this effect, laid scrims often exhibit a strongly reduced elongation. Whilst woven products may be supplied loomstate, a laid scrim will always be impregnated. Sioen has an extensive knowledge in respect to which binder may be best suited to different applications. The choice of the right adhesive may enhance the bonding of the laid scrim with the final product considerably.

Materials that tend to tear easily, such as paper, foil or films from different plastics, will be effectively tear-proofed by laminating with laid scrims. When laminating a scrim between two layers of film or other materials, less adhesive will be needed and the cohesion of the laminate will be improved. The mechanical values of bitumen roof sheets are substantially improved by the use of scrims.

Scrim production always involves a thermal drying. This pre-shrinks the polyester and other thermoplastic yarn, thereby substantially improving subsequent treatments by the customer.