Direct coating

Sioen direct coating, also known as “Sioline”, is world market leader in (direct and melt) coated technical textiles for a wide range of applications. The coating paste (PVC, silicone,...) is directly applied to the fabric in four layers. Varnish (acrylic, TiO2,...) and embossing (mat, glossy, rice grain, 3D cube, leather look,...) is done in the same run.

Sioen direct coating plants are very performant, fully automated and state-of-the-art. The lines are cleverly engineered and allow to coat back and front side of the fabrics in one run. This avoids stop-and-go between the various layering and lacquering processes. The product is not exposed to unfavorable thermal or mechanical shocks, which results in an unbeatable quality. This engineered production process provides an extraordinary product stability, flat stretched fabric with better overall properties and short lead times.

Applications are e.g.: side curtains, tilts and tarpaulins for trucks, railway wagons and containers, sports mats, swimming pool covers, tensile architecture and publicity banners.