About Sioen technical textiles

We produce technical textiles. Sioen is the world market leader in the integrated coating of synthetic fabrics. We can apply any polymer on any carrier, with any coating technology, in any color or width and in any aspect for any application. This is possible because we master 6 coating techniques and hold the entire production value chain from yarn to finished products in our own hands. We have a state-of-the-art spinning mill, operate more than 300 weaving looms in our weaving mills in Europe and the USA, produce pigment pastes and varnishes, and combine both fabric and coating layer in our coating plants.

Sioen masters 6 coating techniques in production plants in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal and in the USA. Here, the vertical integration is a substantial competitive advantage. We are a solution provider, offering tailor-made solutions to our customers. We did this and continue to do so by customising our products and offering technically complex products and composites, services and targeted training.

Sioen has the entire production process under one roof, from yarn, raw fabric and pigment pastes to coating and processing the technical textile:

  • The coating layer or protective layer, consisting of polymers in liquid or solid form. With Sioen Chemicals we produce all pastes, varnishes and pigments ourselves.
  • The carrier or fabric is a woven or knitted fabric or non-woven. We have one spinning mill, 3 weaving mills and 2 felt production plants (Italy and Belgium), where we produce the yarns and fabrics ourselves.
  • The coating technology: this includes the entire process of applying the coating layer to the substrate. Sioen specialises in 6 coating techniques.

You can find our technical textiles in a wide variety of applications.

Part of the Sioen Group

All Sioen technical textile products and plants are part of the Sioen Group that can rely on more than 110 years of textile experience. Since 1907, the company has its headquarters in Belgium, with production and sales plants all over the world.

Sioen focusses on high quality technical textiles and has the entire production process from yarn, over woven and coated fabric, to chemicals and finishing in house. In its domain, Sioen is World market leader, is active in more than 80 countries, employs over 3 500 people in 53 plants in 23 countries.

In addition to the production of technical textiles, Sioen manufactures a vast range of professional protective clothing. For any working condition, Sioen has the appropriate clothing solution.

10 good reasons

  1. Our products: we focus on solutions and offer a large range of standard products and tailor made solutions.
  2. Our service: speed, performance, diligence, dedication. We can produce products in many ways, in small and large quantities, standard or tailor made, on many machines, 24/7 at your service.
  3. Our quality: high quality level, with a “plan, do, check, act” philosophy.
  4. Our team: multilingual, hands-on, dedicated, friendly and customer oriented. Our customer always comes first.
  5. Our 110 years of textile experience
  6. Our technical know-how
  7. Our innovative drive (R&D): Finding your tailored solution is the result of interaction between our customers, our suppliers and our R&D team. Providing you with answers is the first step towards a solution.
  8. Our state-of-the-art production plants: We continuously invest to keep our factories state-of-the art and to offer our customers the competitive advantage of the last technology. Our production plants all operate to the highest quality standards.
  9. Our extra customer support: marketing support, training, personalised leaflets
  10. We are solid: we are part of a strong international stock quoted group. The solid structures and sound financial basis make us a reliable partner.