We produce technical textiles. Sioen is the world market leader in the integrated coating of synthetic fabrics. We can apply any polymer on any carrier, with any coating technology, in any color or width and in any aspect for any application. This is possible because we master 6 coating techniques and hold the entire production value chain from yarn to finished products in our own hands. Read more

Research & Development

R&D lies in our company slogan 'Protection through Innovation'. Innovation keeps us ahead of the market. Along with creativity, know-how and quality, it is central to Sioen's corporate culture.

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Tailor made solutions

We constantly look for new or alternative raw materials. Innovative ingredients or a combination of intelligent materials provide new products to meet the customers' demands.

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Technical glossary

Our glossary is a brief dictionary. It contains an alphabetical list of words/topics relating to our professional jargon: coated technical textiles.

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