The Sioen tensile architecture range includes façade mesh (or scrims). These scrims for façade cladding can be used for many reasons: building aesthetics, weather protection, direct sunlight screening, visual sheltering and even publicity. We produce standard and tailor made products, especially engineered for your custom project.

We master every step of the production chain: we spin yarns, weave, produce the pigments ourselves, coat and lacquer. In addition to our in-house engineered integrated weaving and coating process, we use a unique lacquering system, that perfectly embed the scrim, ensuring homogeneous coverage of the scrim. All Sioen façade mesh have a very well balanced elongation in both warp and weft (very low, nearly equal), making them easy to work with.

The Sioen technical textiles for façade offer almost limitless design possibilities. The façade scrims can be printed with any design, pattern or colour. Due to their low footprint impact, their durability and their low maintenance requirements, tensile façades are efficient and sustainable investments. Both for renovation and new constructions.

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