Biogas installations

The Sioen range of technical textiles for biogas installations contains hydrolyticmanure, sewage sludge, municipal solid waste, biodegradable waste, acid or alkaline waste, etc— as well as grease resistantgrease feedstocks such as slaughter waste, soy bean scraps, etc— protection.

All our technical textiles for biogas installations are contact resistant. Our state-of-the art production process, with special fabrics, additives and polymers, ensures low gas permeability, so no gas escapes into the air.

The Sioen range consists of products for any biogas installation. Our technical textiles are available from Type 1 to 5. These are in fact strength classes, in different weight categories and with variations in specs obtained through careful engineering of both yarn, woven fabric, coating and lacquering polymers and the production process.

All types are dull lacquered to ensure a weldable, dirt repellent and chemical resistant fabric.

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For tailor made products according to your specs, please contact us.